build sustainable farms


Sustainable ecosystems contribute to change in conventional methods of life and move us closer to new systems that last longer. Farming is one such vast ecosystem that needs immediate attention.

We aim to increase bio diversity on land by motivating urban-ites to own a land and farm responsibly. Improving diversity on farms will immensely contribute to this ecosystem.



Most farmers do not understand the effect conventional farming practices have on the environment. Those who do, do not farm responsibly as labor and market make it difficult.  

We aim to teach over 5000 farmers about sustainable farming practices and give them the much needed inputs in terms of labor and market. making it easier for them follow safe farming practices.

Educate next gen


Enabling kids to understand the importance of farming and why it is now the fast vanishing career choice of the country. Its important to change the misconceptions on farming.

Our aim is to educate over 1,00,000 students in the next two years  

create farm employment


Not everyone can be a farmer. It requires hard labor and a passion to pursue. Providing employment to farmers in a field that they know best yields better results.

We aim to employ over 300 farmers within the next 2 years for farming

women empowerment